Who we are


MC Mobility Consultants has its main premises in Vienna, Austria. All members of the core team in Vienna are well-seasoned experts with consulting careers all over the world.

In addition, MC Mobility Consultants resorts to a network of more than 50 experts all over the world who are both consultants or hold high level positions in governmental and transport related organisations.

Our expertise extends to strategic policy advice on restructuring, institutional reform and privatisation of railway authorities worldwide, EU and international transport legislation, transport market liberalisation, market development and others.

Our team of experts is comprised of people, who have not only the technical edge, but also cultural and linguistic knowledge.

Our company “speaks” Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese and  Spanish and knows how to formulate mobility and transport in the respective cultures.

While our experts have rendered services to companies all over the world (notably South Africa, Balkans, China, SEA etc), they have gained knowledge of how technical expertise is implemented – not from outside, but from inside – making it more executable and approachable.