Sectors & Services

MC Mobility Consultants does not only offer static, single use solutions. By developing consortia of industry-leading experts from around the world, we are able to offer our clients dynamic, integrated solutions. Across a multitude of sectors and areas of expertise, we have the skills required to excel at being your trusted partner to face the toughest challenge. 

Logistics and Sustainable Mobility Solutions

  • Development of international multimodal supply chains for freight and passenger transport, city logistics concepts, as well as urban, sub-urban and regional transport systems;
  • Development of supply chain and terminal design, price negotiations, moderation, benchmarking, lobbying, test runs and pilot projects;
  • Support in the development of sustainable urban mobility and urban freight transport plans;
  • Development of public transport and road safety plans and regional analyses;
  • Development of strategies and action plans for automated mobility.

Market Research, Procurement, Funding and Sales Support

  • Support in the development of new markets, customer relationships, and networking activities;
  • Support in project development and selection of suitable funding schemes worldwide (e.g CEF, FFG, Shift2Rail, …);
  • Assistance in the preparation of tenders and project management;
  • Handling of representative actions and trade agent functions;
  • Procurement support based on local legal framework or IFI frameworks;
  • Preparation of Transport Demand studies (e.g Visum©, …).

Safety, Quality and Risk Management

  • Development, implementation and improvement of Safety Management Systems for safety licensing for railway undertakings, infrastructure managers and suppliers for the railway industry according to the latest improvements in the transport industry;
  • Support of safety authorities in verification and inspection of safety management systems;
  • Improvement of existing quality- and risk management systems according to latest amendments within the existing standards;
  • Preparation of road safety assessments based on European and iRAP standard (iRAP 2022 accredited);
  • Organisation of road safety trainings, Educational road safety programmes for youth;
  • Development of road safety strategies and action plans;
  • Design of infrastructure for vulnerable road users.

Institutional Reform and Sector Liberalization

  • Design of strategic national transport plans and policy documents;
  • Establishment of legal and institutional frameworks at both national and regional levels, taking into account EU and international regulations and best practices;
  • Support and advisory services for institutions and private companies in the process of restructuring and privatization;
  • Market liberalisation and optimisation of operations;
  • Design and delivery of institutional staff training and capacity building, including for safety and accident/incident investigation agencies;
  • Support in change management mechanisms to help agencies rethink their operations and develop clear strategies for future improvement.

Business Development, Digitalisation and Feasibility Studies

  • Identification and evaluation of strategic growth and diversification options, feasibility studies, sensitivity analyses, forecasts, bankable business plans and financing schemes);
  • Development of tailored strategies to gain access to and leverage the position in European, Asian, and North American markets;
  • Lobbying and partnership building;
  • Prepare digitalization roadmaps, IT architecture and IT strategies for transportation companies.

Road Safety

MC Mobility Consultants is iRap accredited for Analysis and Reporting.

Road safety audits (iRap certified), Organisation of road safety trainings, Development of road safety regulations, Development of road safety strategies and action plans, Educational road safety programmes for youth, Design of infrastructure for vulnerable road users, Feasibility studies for urban infrastructure and municipal services, Strategic planning and policy advise for sustainable urban development, Development of mobility plans in urban territories, Development of strategies and action plans for automated mobility, Safety audit for road work zones, Road work zones schemes preparation based by traffic simulation.

Engineering Consulting Services

  • Development, planning, coordination, and supervision services for transport infrastructure and facilities;
  • Preparation of technical specification for rail rolling stock, trams, light rail, metro, buses, and e-buses;
  • Rail operations design and assessment (Treno©, Trenissimo©).